Best Money Tips: How to Think Like a Millionaire

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how to think like a millionaire, tips to grow the best organic garden, and money-saving ways to use cornstarch.

Top 5 Articles

4 Ways to Think Like a Millionaire — Millionaires have an internal locus of control — they see themselves as being in charge of their own lives. [Good Financial Cents]

10 Tips for the Best Organic Garden — Learn about companion planting so your plants can help each other grow. [A Few Short Cuts]

18 Uses For Cornstarch That Will Save You Money — Make a paste of cornstarch and water. Spread it over a sunburn or bug bites to soothe sore skin. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Best hotel promotions this Spring — A number of hotel chains are offering bonus reward points or free nights for their spring promotions. [The Monitor]

10 Necessary Items For A Healthy Shopping List — Fill your basket with dark green leafy veggies. The paler variety, like iceberg lettuce, will contain less quality nutrition. []

Other Essential Reading

Want To Be Happy? Optimize Your Downtime (3 Easy Steps) — Step 1: Spend about half an hour making a list of your happiest moments ever. [High Performance Lifestyle]

Get Extra Space Without Breaking the Bank — Take inventory of any and all free space in your home. Empty area in the middle of the kitchen? Write it down. Half a closet is clear of stuff? Write that down, too. [Money Crush]

How to Spend Less and Get Healthy — Try making international dishes — many contain less pricy ingredients like rice, beans, and chickpeas. And if you live near an ethnic market, check them out for your grocery needs! [Mint Life]

Don’t Worry About Money: Sort out Your Life Instead — If you don't have a handle on your financial situation, then other parts of your life are probably a mess, too. Once you have those in order, then your money situation will improve, too. [The Money Principle]

7 Brilliant Ways for Kids to Keep in Touch with Grandparents — Use technology to play games with relatives who live far away. Play board games online, enter a fantasy sports league, or play 20 questions via text messages. [Parenting Squad]

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