Best Money Tips: How To Win Sweepstakes

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips to help you bag your next contest or sweepstakes, to-do's to keep your family and home safe over the holidays, and instructions for making a super-secret book safe.

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How to win contests and sweepstakes — It isn't all luck. Look for local contests and sweepstakes to increase your odds of winning. MSN Money

Holiday Safety Tips for Home and Away — Unless you want to make it easier for thieves to ID your home as a good target, don't leave the packaging of your holiday loot out on the curb. Frugal Dad

How to Make a Secret Book Safe — Learn how to carve a secret compartment inside a book. All you need is a box cutter, a brush, puzzle glue, and of course, a book. The Art of Manliness

Tips for Going (And Saving) Green This Holiday Season — Your gifts can still be festive without the Santa Claus and snowflake wrapping paper. Go with newspapers tied with a festive ribbon, or simply stick to solid paper that you can use all year round. Parenting Squad

Taming the Teenage Schedule — As your kids get older and their schedules start filling up, it'll likely be harder to enjoy quality family time on the fly — which is why it's a good idea to schedule family activities the way you would any other event or appointment. Money Saving Mom

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35 Small Shortcuts to Frugal Living — You can make your kitchen sponge last longer by killing the germs that have built up. Just moisten the sponge and heat it in your microwave until it's dry.

How to Make Sure Your 2011 Resolutions Stick — Stay motivated with the help of a supportive group of friends — or even strangers — cheering you on. All you need to do is tell them about your goals. U.S. News & World Report

5 Things That Are Better Than a Plan — Be flexible with the path you're taking towards your goals. When you try to stick to a set plan, you may overlook opportunities that can lead you in a new (and better?) direction. Life Optimizer

7 Simple Steps To Make Sharing A Habit — Find one thing a day to share, whether it's offering a piece of gum to someone or letting a friend borrow your truck for moving. Pick The Brain

Budgeting Mistakes That Everyone Has Made — Even if money is tight, there's not need to resort to across-the-board budget cuts. Trim the expenses on things you don't really care about before you cut spending on the categories that do matter to you. Five Cent Nickel

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I run a sweepstakes site ( - so many people don't understand that they have a much larger chance of winning smaller prizes. On my site they can win $5 a day but your odds are about 1 in 50. If you enter via FB and twitter and use some points you can up those odds to about 1 in 5 with about ten minutes work.