Best Money Tips: How You Can Afford a Baby


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how you can afford a baby, the value of vacation, and rules for new homebuyers.

Top 5 Articles

How You Can Afford a Baby: 10 Money Saving Tips — Using cloth diapers and breast feeding can help you afford a baby. [Christian PF]

The value of vacation — Some of the best ways to save on vacations is to be flexible and share accomodations if possible. [Get Rich Slowly]

Rules for New Homebuyers — If you are a new homebuyer, map out your expenses. [Five Cent Nickel]

Save Money on Valentine's Day — To save money on Valentine's Day, make your sweetheart breakfast in bed. [Lazy Man and Money]

Have Fun with Your Second Income — Have fun with your second income by having another child or retiring early! [Couple Money]

Other Essential Reading

Waste Not, Want Not: 47 Wedding Favors People Will Actually Use — Succulents are a great wedding favor to give at your wedding. [SavvySugar]

Am I Taking Advantage of all the Benefit Plans My Employer Offers? — Make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits your employer offers by finding out about extra perks available to you! [Narrow Bridge Finance]

The Benefits of Getting a Library Card — Even if you have to pay to get a library card, once you read one or two books the cost of the card pays for itself! [Canadian Finance Blog]

Second-Act Career: Work for a Nonprofit — Did you know nonprofits in the United States employ 9% of our workforce? [Free Money Finance]

ProSquad: Why Invented Spelling Doesn't Work — Allowing a child to use invented spelling to help foster creativity and self-esteem is a bad idea. [Parenting Squad]

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