Best Money Tips: How You Might Be Killing Your Car

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on how you might be killing your car, why stressing over debt isn't always necessary, and flu-fighting foods.

Top 5 Articles

How You Might Be Killing Your Car — You might be killing your car if you aren't changing the fuel and air filters. [MSN Money]

Why Stressing Over Debt Isn't Always Necessary — If you purchased a car through financing, you don't need to stress over your debt. [Credit Sesame]

5 Flu-Fighting Foods — Fight the flu by eating soy products and carrots. [Money Talks News]

7 Dream Careers For Sports Lovers — Are you a sports lover? Consider a career as a sports photographer. [SavvySugar]

5 Money Realities High Income Earners Should Be Thinking About — It is important for high income earners to think about whether or not they have enough liability insurance. [Bargaineering]

Other Essential Reading

5 Things You Need to Know About Tax Refund Theft — It is vital to check your credit report in order to prevent yourself from tax refund theft. [MintLife Blog]

10 Scary Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them — To avoid making the mistake of dressing down for an interview, take a look at the company website to see how it is designed. Then, dress accordingly! [The Huffington Post]

Second-Act Career: Pet Care Services — Do you love animals? Dog walking or grooming services may be a good career option for you! [Free Money Finance]

10 Great Cities for Starting a Business — Atlanta and Denver are great cities for starting a business. [Kiplinger]

5 Winter-Themed Baby Shower Ideas — When throwing a winter-themed baby shower, make sure to have hot cocoa and cookies. [Parenting Squad]

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