Best Money Tips: Hurdles That Keep You From Being Wealthy


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the hurdles that keep you from being wealthy, ways to ensure your side hustle is productive, and foods you can freeze for at least six months.

Top 5 Articles

6 Hurdles Keeping you from Being Wealthy — You're putting your financial health (and your family's financial health) at risk if you don't have adequate insurance. [Money Spruce]

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Side Hustle is Productive — Designate a power hour where you shut down all distractions and work straight for an hour. Power through as much work as you can, then take a break. [One Smart Dollar]

5 Foods You Can Freeze For 6 Months – Or Longer — You can store unopened blocks of hard cheese (like cheddar and Parmesan) for six months in the fridge. Freeze sliced and shredded cheeses for up to four months. [Bargain Babe]

11 Ways to Spice Up Leftovers — Reinvent your leftovers by using them in cheap and easy quesadillas. [Cheapism]

How to Make Coach Feel More Like First Class — Many airlines give their first-class passengers pajamas to change into — and you can bring your own into coach! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

15 Things That Always Make Me Happy — When times are hard, remember the small things that make you happy — like the smell of freshly baked bread or a beautiful sunset. [Parenting Squad]

Buying a House Without a Real Estate Agent: Mistakes to Avoid — Don't assume anything! Be very clear about the terms when you are negotiating. [Everybody Loves Your Money]

5 Reasons I Love my High Deductible Health Plan — HDHPs cover 100% of preventative care, including check ups, well visits, and vaccines. [Thousandaire]

Having a Positive Mindset Can Help Your Finances — We all face financial setbacks from time to time, but when we think positively, we become more open to potential positive outcomes. [Aspiring Millionaire]

How To Do Work You Love Without Taking An Oath Of Poverty — Before you leave your day job to pursue your passion, be sure to first lower your living expenses, build your cash reserve, and pay off as much debt as you can. [Money Under 30]

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