Best Money Tips: Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on ways to improve your chances of getting a job, investments for people in their 20s, and tips for taxpayer newbies.

Top 5 Articles

Five Ways to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job — Want to improve your chances of getting a job? Try networking without asking for a job. [Young and Thrifty]

The Best Investments for People in Their 20s — One of the best investments for people in their 20s to make is in their 401(k). [Sweating The Big Stuff]

5 Tips For Taxpayer Newbies — If you are a taxpayer newbie, remember to report all your income. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Creating objective rules for spending — When creating rules for spending, make sure they are attainable and timely. [Get Rich Slowly]

The Safest States for Banking — Did you know Montana and Colorado are two of the safest states for banking? [Five Cent Nickel]

Other Essential Reading

How To Invest A Lump Sum — It may be a good idea to try to time the market when investing a lump sum. [Retire By 40]

Tips for Cutting Your Food Budget — One great way to cut your food budget is to substitute cheaper foods. [Yes, I Am Cheap]

What You Need to Do to Prepare for Volunteer Work Abroad — If you want to do volunteer work abroad, make sure you pack correctly for the area's climate. [Generation X Finance]

How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund? — This year, most people plan to use their tax refund to bulk up their savings. [Free Money Finance]

St. Patrick's Day Fun With the Kids — This St. Patrick's Day, drink green lemonade and eat mint chocolate chip cookies with your kids. [Parenting Squad]

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