Best Money Tips: Inexpensive Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on inexpensive Father's Day gifts, credit card mistakes, and unexpected costs in retirement.

Top 5 Articles

Inexpensive Father's Day Gift Ideas — This Father's Day, consider relinquishing control of the tv-remote for 24 hours. [Not Made Of Money]

Are You Making These 4 Credit Card Mistakes? — Do you make the credit card mistake of having too many active accounts with balances? [Girls Just Wanna Have Funds]

Unexpected Costs in Retirement — Be prepared for home maintenance and repair costs as well as health care costs in retirement. [MoneyNing]

Five Places to Post Your Travel Experiences for Free — Want to share your travel experiences with others? Try using or [Generation X Finance]

Four Risks of Investing — Before you invest, be sure to understand the concept of inflation risk. [Consumerism Commentary]

Other Essential Reading

11 Ways I Save Money — Did you know you can save money by buying a rental car and eliminating your home phone line? [Fiscal Fizzle]

20 Typical Reasons To Sell Your Stock Or Mutual Fund — If the stock's fundamentals have changed or your mutual fund has grown too big, it may be a good idea to sell your stock or mutual fund. [The Digerati LIfe]

How To Have An Active Night Life Without Going Broke — To have an active night life without going broke, check out free events! [SavvySugar]

14 Tips for Buying a Classic Car — Are you thinking about buying a classic car? Make sure you are flexible and are prepared to put money into the car. [Cash Money Life]

33 Reasons to Breastfeed a Toddler — It is a good reason to breastfeed your toddler because experts recommend it and it benefits your child. [Parenting Squad]

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