Best Money Tips: Late Retirement Planning Tips

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on late retirement planning tips, how to hedge against gas price increases, and clever ways to pay for your kids' college.

Top 5 Articles

Late Retirement Planning Tips — If you are late in planning for your retirement, make sure you fully fund your 401k. [Not Made Of Money]

How to Hedge Against Gasoline Price Increases — Hedge against gas price increases by buying stock in companies that are increasing their prices. [Consumerism Commentary]

Seven Clever Ways to Pay for Your Kids' College — Pay for your kids college the clever way by considering junior college classes, even if your student is still in high school. [Five Cent Nickel]

Drama-Free Guide to Helping Your Friend Apply for a Job — To help your friend apply for a job, give him or her advice based on your skills. [SavvySugar]

How to Stop Worrying About Money — Stop worrying about your money by creating a plan that minimizes spending and maximizes saving effortlessly. [I Heart Budgets]

Other Essential Reading

How To Make Face Paint — You can make your own face paint using water, cornstarch, and cold cream. [Parenting Squad]

Make Sure You're Covered if an Earthquake Strikes — Make sure you are prepared if an earthquake hits by checking to see if you have enough insurance to avoid being wiped out financially. [Kiplinger]

How to Work With a Contractor and Not Get Ripped Off — To protect yourself from contractor fraud, ask your potential contractor for references. [Moolanomy]

Your 6 Step Guide To Weathering The Market Storm — Survive the market storm by saving up to 20% of your income. [Christian PF]

How to Rent a Home With a Low Credit Score — Rent a home with a low credit score by opting to rent from an individual landlord. [Credit Sesame]

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