Best Money Tips: Legit Ways to Get Free Stuff Online

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on legit ways to get free stuff online, healthy foods you’ve been preparing wrong all along, and what you need to know if you’re shopping on Thanksgiving.

Top 5 Articles

24 Legit Ways to Get Free Stuff Online — These sites offer free samples and giveaways for all sorts of products and services. Get baby goods, beauty products, restaurant meals, household cleaners and more — for free! [Well Kept Wallet]

20 Healthy Foods You've Been Preparing All Wrong — Make sure to cook your spinach to reduce the amount of harmful oxalic acid while increasing the body's absorption of vitamins, fiber, iron, and other minerals from this leafy green. [Cheapism]

What You Need to Know When Planning to Shop on Thanksgiving Day — If you want the absolute best deals of the season, you'll need to know when your favorite stores open. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Easy Ways To Save This Fall — Change out your regular sheets for flannel. With a toasty bed, you'll be able to turn down the thermostat and save on heating. [Saving Dollars & Sense]

5 Bedroom Ideas To Improve Your Sleep — Air quality is very important when it comes to better sleep. Keep your room well-ventilated and bring in potted plants to use as natural dehumidifiers. [Shopping Kim]

Other Essential Reading

Grow Food Indoors, Even in Winter — Learn how to harvest your own meals even when it's freezing outside! [Everybody Loves Your Money]

3 Reasons You May Want to Consider Buying a House in Graduate School — If you plan to stay in the area after grad school, consider buying a home of your own instead of renting or staying in student housing. [Grad Money Matters]

How to Get the Most Out of an Awesome Job Offer — An amazing job offer at another company can help you leverage a raise, a promotion, or better benefits with your current employer. [MintLife]

Things You Need to Know Before Refinancing Your Home — Regardless of the new terms, refinancing your home will cost you money. [I Need Money]

Got Work To Do But Can’t Keep Your Mind On It? This Simple Skill Will Fix The Problem—forever. — Cognitive control is a simple-yet-powerful skill that will make a huge difference in the way you work. [Pick The Brain]

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