Best Money Tips: Living on One Income


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we offer some insight on living on one income, how to cook up some amazing pasta puttanesca, and how to replace the air filter in your car!

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Living on One Income — I love this account of one blogger’s experience with downsizing to one income. The perks may be worth considering — even if it means a tighter budget! The Centsible Life 

What You Need to Know Before Co-Signing a Loan — Whoa! This is serious business, but many times, people just don’t seem to know what they’re getting into. Learn the facts before you sign on the dotted line. Generation X Finance 

Three Things the Amish Taught Me about Money — This is one of those you just have to read to understand. Great food for thought! Get Rich Slowly 

Pasta Puttanesca — This very affordable dish is simply mouth-watering! Get the recipe here. Cooking With Amy 

How to Replace the Air Filter in a Car — A simple, easy fix that can keep your car running for years, this is super-affordable if done from your own garage. 20 Something Finance 

Other Essential Reading

What to Do when You Fall off the Organized Wagon — Even the best laid plans can come undone (especially when it comes to keeping your place organized.) Before you start worrying that you’re fast becoming a contender for an episode of “Hoarders” — check out these tips for regaining control. Unclutterer via Lifehacker 

Cash for Clunker Lawn Mowers — Incentives for trading in your old push mower for an electric one? This you’ve got to see! Smart Spending 

DIY Detangler — Combing through a Kid’s knotty hair can be a nightmare full of tears and frustration. Ditch the overpriced commercial solution with this homemade recipe! TipHero 

Seven Easy Steps to Your Dream Job — Some of these tips are easier than others, but they are all a great way to get closer to your dream career! The Simple Dollar 

New Grads: Four Money Facts Worth Knowing — Sure, living with Mom and Dad isn’t glamorous, but if they’re up for it, you could save a bundle! Get the tips for survival on a budget in this article. Money Under 30

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I got in on my city's lawn mower exchange program a couple of years ago. You brought your gas powered lawn mower (working or not, old or new) in and they gave you a voucher for a cordless electric Neuton lawn mower for $100 (including shipping, which usually was about $35 then...might be more now). I've been pretty happy with my Neuton. It does have a small deck (14") but with my small yard that only added about 5 minutes to the total time it takes me to cut my lawn. The mower does bog down in really high, wet grass. But so did my gas powered one.
I like that the Neuton is light weight...the battery weighs about the same as the rest of the mower. So it's easy to push and maneuver around. It mulches as well as my old mower. I love that I don't have buy gas, tune up the engine, fuss with the pull start. It's also a lot quieter and I don't end up smelling like lawn mower when I get done.

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We took the decision to live on one income when our eldest child was born ten years ago. It's been, and still is, a struggle sometimes as the cost of living sky rockets, but the benefit of knowing that the kids have our attention and are not being cared for by strangers makes up for it for us.

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Congratulations on your years of learning and success! My wife and I can totally relate to all that you’ve written in this post. We made the decision for her to stay home when our first child was born almost 14 years ago. It definitely takes work, planning, communication, and the commitment to live life your own way and not the way your family, friends, or neighbors think you should in order to match their lifestyle.

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Sarkari Naukri Search

We took the decision to live on one income when our eldest child was born ten years ago