Best Money Tips: Look Great for Holiday Parties Without Breaking the Bank


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on looking great for holiday parties without breaking the bank, job hunting sins to avoid, and building an emergency fund quickly.

Top 5 Articles

Look Great for Holiday Parties Without Breaking the Bank — If you need clothes for a holiday party, consider borrowing something from a friend! [MoneyNing]

7 Job Hunting Sins To Avoid — Don't make the job hunting mistake of investing too little time in your job search. [SavvySugar]

How to Quickly Build an Emergency Fund — Are you trying to build an emergency fund quickly? Try having a garage sale to make some money to put in your emergency fund. [Money Smart Life]

Your Mattress is Not FDIC Insured - Four Reasons Keep Your Money in the Bank — It is a good idea to keep your money in the bank because it will earn interest. [Narrow Bridge]

Triple Your Savings in Two Months — To triple your savings before the new year, sell stuff you don't use and minimize eating out. [Ready To Be Rich]

Other Essential Reading

39 Ways to Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Leftovers — Use your leftover cranberry sauce to make cranberry pancakes. [My Dollar Plan]

Three Classes Every High School Should Require — Do you think every high school should require student take a personal finance class? [Generation X Finance]

The Basics of Short Term Disability Insurance — Short term disability insurance provides a level of protection against loss of income if you find yourself unable to work for a few weeks or months due to injury or illness. [Moolanomy]

How Can I Make a Long Plane or Car Ride Suck Less? — Make the most of long plane or car rides by learning a new language. [Lifehacker]

How to Host and Survive Your First Thanksgiving — When hosting your first Thanksgiving, make sure to enlist help! [Parenting Squad]

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