Best Money Tips: Look Younger With These Lifestyle Tips

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on lifestyle tips that can make you look younger, money myths about millennials, and productivity tools for work and life.

Top 5 Articles

10 Lifestyle Tips That Can Make You Look Younger — Protect your skin with sunscreen! Many skin products have SPF built in, so there's no excuse. [The Savvy Scot]

Five money myths about millennials — Millennials are entitled, irresponsible, and they don't plan for the future…right? Well, no, not necessarily. [The Monitor]

8 Productivity Tools for Work and Life — Amazon Prime members can use the Dash Button to order household essentials with just a click. [DeskTime]

The 25 Highest-Paying Jobs in America — According to Glassdoor, the highest paying job in America is Physician, with a median base salary of $180,000. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Two-Sided Coin: Should You Always Buy a Used Car? — Here are two arguments for and against buying a used car. Which side of this debate do you fall on? [The Simple Dollar]

Other Essential Reading

How to Plan a Fun Cheap Weekend Getaway — When visiting a new place, go where the locals go. You may need to trek further out, but you'll have a better experience at lower prices. [Everything Finance]

Tax moves to make on April 18 and beyond — If you haven't filed your taxes yet, this guide will help you put the finishing touches on Form 1040. [Don't Mess With Taxes]

19 ways to get motivated to exercise — Incorporating little bursts of activity into your day will get your mind geared towards fitness. [Dumb Little Man]

How to Read Faster and Remember More - 5 Strategies — When you need to read quickly, scan for the important words — nouns and some adjectives. Your brain can fill in the gaps. [Life Optimizer]

Avoid These 9 Bedtime Mistakes at All Costs — Not all kids enjoy brushing their teeth, but allowing your kids to skip this step — even once! — sets a bad precedent. More importantly, it could lead to cavities and other dental problems. [Parenting Squad]

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