Best Money Tips: Low-Cost Stress Relief


Happy Veterans Day! In today's Best Money Tips roundup, we share budget-friendly ways to relieve stress, clean your home with vinegar, make more money, and bring a splash of color to your walls — no paint needed!

Top 5 Articles

Low-Cost Methods for Stress Relief — A simple, healthy diet can do wonders to lower stress. Consider starting your day with asparagus, blueberries, or citrus fruits. The Simple Dollar

Keep Your Home Clean with Vinegar for $3.99 or Less — Here's a tip to keep your mouth clean: Dip your toothbrush in undiluted vinegar for a naturally brighter, whiter smile. Money Ning

Make More Money: How to Supercharge Your Income — You can look for other sources of income, but don't forget about your day job! The pay, that is. Negotiate for a raise — you may find there are other benefits besides more money. Get Rich Slowly

Five Colorful Ways to Bring Boring White Walls to Life — Color your wall with sheets of scrapbook paper for an easy, chic, sophisticated look. Planet Green

Making your own kitchen staples is easier than you think — Learn how to make homemade butter with just two things: heavy cream and a mason jar. (Salt is optional.) Journal Sentinel Online

Other Essential Reading

What to do with clothes you've worn once but want to wear again? — Whether it's a separate hamper, a hanging drawer unit, or hooks behind a door, a permanent home for your worn clothing will help you keep your wardrobe off the floor. Unclutterer

Are You An Over-Saver? — There's a fine line between saving and hoarding. When you buy a replacement anything, get rid of the old version immediately. Get Organized Wizard

Ways To Increase and Improve Your Credit Score Without a Credit Card — Other ways to build credit include using the FICO Expansion Score and the PRBC reporting agency. Find out how they can help! Free from Broke

Sound the Alarm – It's Time for a Financial Fire Drill — We do drills for all sorts of emergencies — why not financial emergencies, too? And since you wouldn't exclude your kids from a fire drill, make sure they know what to do when a financial emergency hits. Frugal Dad

10 Tips for Getting Financial Aid for College — Pay attention to deadlines! While financial aid isn't given out on a first-come, first-served basis, being late to the party means there is less aid to go around. U.S. News & World Report

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