Best Money Tips: Lower-Calorie Super Bowl Snacks

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share smart ways to snack during the Super Bowl, car sharing mistakes to avoid, dinner ideas for under $6, and more.

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How to Cut 1,700 Calories from Your Super Bowl Snacking (and Still Have Fun) — Pepperoni pizza is practically a staple for Super Bowl parties, but with each slice at nearly 400 calories, the veggie thin crust (150 calories) would be a healthier bet. The Daily Green

Car Sharing Mistakes Can Cost You Money — Car sharing works best if you only use the cars for short trips within a small urban area. If you plan to make a long-distance trip, you're better off with a rental. Financial Highway

6 Dinner Ideas for Under $6 for a Family of 6 — For inexpensive meat, buy the end bits of bacon. You can use the grease to sauté onions and the cooked bacon in pretty much anything. Parenting Squad

8 Personal Safety Tips — Don't start looking for your keys when you're at your car or house door — have them out and ready to use. Once inside, be sure to lock the door immediately. Organize to Revitalize

Seven Monthly Bills Most People Have, and Seven Ways to Reduce Each Bill — You can improve your water efficiency at your bathroom sink by installing faucet aerators, which reduce water flow by putting air bubbles into the stream. The Simple Dollar

Other Essential Reading

10 Home Renovation Tips – Learn From Our Experience — Be sure you have enough leftover paint for touch-ups, and document the color and type of paint used in each room for future reference. Everyday Tips and Thoughts

Ten Tips for Decluttering Your House — Planning ahead on how you want to reorganize will make it easier to figure out what to keep and toss, and how to arrange the space. Chief Family Officer

8 Keys to Picking the Best Individual Health Insurance Policy — Find out if your primary care physician or your favorite specialists are in the provider network. If they aren't, the policy will likely cover a lower share of the cost, or not at all. U.S. News

How to Save on Uniforms and Sports Gear — Check if there's an associated pro shop or sports store that will offer discounts if you're a member of an organization or if you're taking lessons.

How to Avoid 7 Hotel Headaches — When you add the cost of hotel parking on top of gas expenses and/or car rental fees, it may actually make more sense to take a cab instead. HomeAway

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Guest's picture

Thanks for including my link, what a nice surprise.

I cannot wait for the Superbowl!!

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

Thank YOU for the great tips! My family did some fairly major (well, major for us) home renovations last summer, so I can totally relate. =)

Ray Jamali's picture

I use my iphone to tether so no need for WiFi in hotels :).
Thanks for the link Amy!

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

Excellent suggestion, Ray! Thanks for pointing it out!

Guest's picture

Thanks so much for including my post!

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

You're very welcome, Cathy! =)

Will Chen's picture

"veggie thin crust"

I don't think we can be friends anymore Amy.

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

I'm sorry you feel that way, Will. I can't help what I like, and I do like veggie thin crust pizzas. :p

Linsey Knerl's picture

What about veggie "thick" crust? I'm a fan of anything with lots of green olives on it!

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

I like thick crust, too! I like all crusts of all sizes, everywhere. I think the best part of most crusted foods (pies, pizzas, etc.) is the crust.

Not a big fan of olives, though. I usually trade them with my mom: my olives for her onions. We make it work. =)