Best Money Tips: Make the Most of Your Holiday Shopping

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on making the most of your holiday shopping, how to make your gift cards count for more, and using up your FSA!

Top 5 Articles

Make the Most of Your Holiday Shopping — Make the most of your holiday shopping by using your best rewards card. [Bargaineering]

6 Surprising Ways to Make Your Gift Cards Count for More — If you want your gift cards to count for more, regift them! [Credit Sesame]

11 Ideas to Use Up Your FSA Before Year-End — Consider using your FSA for laser eye surgery before the year is over. [SavvySugar]

Save Money, Save the Earth — Drying your clothes on a line will save you money while saving the Earth. [MSN Money]

7 Ways to Be Frugal Right Now — To be frugal right now, be aware of your spending triggers. [Free From Broke]

Other Essential Reading

How to Stop Unwanted Phone Calls — To stop unwanted phone calls, send a cease and desist letter. [Money Talks News]

Parenting Squad Holiday Guide 2012: 9 Tips to Hosting Family for the Holidays — When hosting family this holiday season, make a kids zone and cook ahead of time. [Parenting Squad]

Real Estate 101: The Lease — When creating a lease, make sure it follows local statutes. [Free Money Finance]

6 Things to Consider During Open Enrollment 2013 — During open enrollment for 2013, consider getting extra help protecting your income. [Kiplinger]

How to Sweat-Proof Your Makeup — A good primer is essential when wearing makeup to the gym. [Livestrong]

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Thanks for the mention!

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As a landlord, I'm enjoying Free Money Finance's Real Estate 101 posts. I'm glad you featured his post on leases here.