Best Money Tips: Make Your Groceries Last Longer

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on making your groceries last longer, saving on wedding favors, and retirement savings busters.

Top 5 Articles

8 Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Longer — Spraying your guacamole with cooking oil will make it last longer. [Three Thrifty Guys]

11 Ways to Save on Wedding Favors — To save on wedding favors, make them yourself! [PopSugar Smart Living]

7 Retirement Savings Busters — Be prepared for retirement savings busters by buying long-term care insurance. [Free Money Finance]

How to Get Approved for a Mortgage (Especially Your First) — Making sure your credit is healthy is a key aspect of getting approved for a mortgage. [Money Under 30]

7 Things You Can Do With Your Tax Refund — Not sure what to do with your tax refund? Consider starting a business. [Christian PF]

Other Essential Reading

5 Ways to Combat Rising Health Care Costs — Combat rising health care costs by choosing a high-deductible plan. [Smart On Money]

Meet Jim, my millionaire next door — Learn a lesson from a millionaire and spend less than you make. [Five Cent Nickel]

What Factors Affect Your Property Taxes And How Much You Pay? — The market value of other properties affects your property taxes and how much you pay. [Bible Money Matters]

Defining a healthy dose of lifestyle inflation — It may be OK to consider a small dose of lifestyle inflation if you are debt free. [Get Rich Slowly]

How to Choose the Right Summer Camp — Choosing the right summer camp for your child requires you to set a budget and do some research. [Parenting Squad]

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A great list, thanks! I know if you spread lime juice onto an avocado that's been sliced it will stop it from going "brown". I can't remember the scientific process behind it but it certainly works! I'll have a read of the others later, but for now it's all about groceries. The sad thing about veg (and I really do love vegetables) is how quickly they go off.

Another tip; remember, don't keep tomatoes or bananas in the fridge. They need to be kept at room temperature.

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Thanks for sharing these great links! I remember when I was younger in Girl Scouts they taught us how to cut fruits and make them last for our lunches, ect. It's been awhile since I actually cared about putting lemon juice on my cut apples, but recently I have been letting a lot of food go to waste and tips like this are great.

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There's so much food waste in our society its crazy. Try never throwing away food from the fridge, even if a day or two out!