Best Money Tips: Make Your Own Rain Barrel

By Amy Lu on 6 October 2010 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you step-by-step instructions to make your own rain barrel, budget-friendly ways to occupy your kids, and a quick guide to McDonald's Monopoly game!

Top 5 Articles

Building My DIY Homemade Rain Barrel — This rain barrel costs only $20 to make. Not bad, considering how much you can save on water for your plants! No Credit Needed

Budget-Friendly Entertainment For Kids — Activities like reading and exploring the outdoors are easy and cheap. (They're also great for adults!) Not Made of Money via Currency

How To Win McDonald's Monopoly Game — If you're new to the McDonald's Monopoly, this primer will help you understand how the game works. Bargaineering

Organizing Electronic Cords — Simply mark your cords and plugs with a metallic silver Sharpie, and you'll never accidentally unplug the TV again! Frugal for Life via Lifehacker

Save $1,000 by the Holidays — There are only two months to go before the gift-giving season starts — time to ramp up the holiday savings fund! Kiplinger

Other Essential Reading

In a Job Interview, How to Explain You Were Fired—The first step to giving a good answer is to be comfortable with the fact that you were fired. U.S. News and World Report

Moving? Rent First, Ask Questions Later — Take a new city or town on a test drive, first, before you make the big purchase. Get Rich Slowly

7 Ways To Lead Without Uttering A Single Word — Body language goes a long way, so make eye contact, smile often, and stand up straight!

10 Things Your Contractor Won't Tell You — Contractors need to take multiple jobs to stay afloat, so don't expect yours to come in every day. CNBC

12 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft — Make sure you keep your personal information secure everywhere, from your home Internet network to your desk drawer. Generation X Finance

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