Best Money Tips: Making Ends Meet During Prolonged Unemployment

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on making ends meet during prolonged unemployment, hostels for adults, and credit card advice for college kids.

Top 5 Articles

Making Ends Meet During Prolonged Unemployment — Get by during unemployment by making your budget your new best friend. [brip blap]

Hostels For Adults: Spend Travel Money Where it Counts — Hostels aren't just for students. Next time you travel, consider staying at a hostel! [Get Rich Slowly]

Credit Card Advice For College Kids — If you are in college, avoid using your credit card when paying for consumables. [RateNerd]

How To Successfully Retire Early — Successfully retire early by not letting your lifestyle inflate with your income. [FiGuide]

5 Ways to Reduce your Car Insurance — To reduce your car insurance rates, be sure to shop around regularly. [Financially Poor]

Other Essential Reading

There's an Emergency App for That — If you ever need a flashlight, download a flashlight app on your cell phone. [Currency]

Rally For Recess, Rally For Fitness — Encourage your children to engage in physical activity by limiting their media intake. [Parenting Squad]

How to Talk with Customer Service Representatives — When talking to customer service representatives, try to be concise. [Canadian Finance Blog]

Find Work You Love — To find work you love, make sure to consider your passion and purpose. [Debt Free Adventure]

How You Can Be Debt Free — Be debt free by having a supplemental income. [Stack The Chips]

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