Best Money Tips: Making money with your home or car

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips for anyone who wants to make some extra money with their home or car, three recipes for real-looking fake snow, and some advice to help lay down emotional baggage.

Top 5 Articles

5 Tips for Using Your Home and Car to Make Money — If you have a home office that you're not using in the day, you can rent it out to a freelancer who needs a calm work environment. Suburban Dollar

How to Make Snow That Looks Real — Bring the wintry outdoors to your warm living room with ingredients from your kitchen! Mix salt and baby powder for convincing and easy-to-clean snow. DIY Life

Are You An Emotional Packrat? — If you're constantly worried over what other people are thinking about you, stop! They're probably not thinking about you as much as you think they do. (Yes, that's a good thing!) Dumb Little Man

When To Take Your Child To The Pediatrician — It's normal to be a little sluggish when sick, but if you have trouble waking up your child during an illness, it's take to see a doctor. Parenting Squad

How to Talk About Money With Your Parents — To avoid a situation where your parents are on the defensive right off the bat, open the topic by discussing your own financial situation. Kiplinger

Other Essential Reading

How To Prepare for Winter Travel — Pack extra clothes, food, and water in case you find yourself and your travel buddies stuck out in the cold. Being Frugal

Healthy Eating Tips You Can't Afford to Miss (Especially if You Are on A Tight Budget!) — The article's target audience is college students, but the tips are good for anyone who needs to eat on a budget. Grad Money Matters

Frugal Christmas Decorating Ideas — You can make a bigger statement with fewer pieces just by focusing on only one or two colors for the decorations across the house or room. Not Made of Money

How To Debrief Yourself After Interview Rejection — Rejections are tough no matter the occasion, but they're even harder to face when your livelihood is on the line. So what can you do when you're rejected after an interview? Ask yourself a few questions to debrief. The Wisdom Journal

Should You Pull the Trigger on a Roth IRA Conversion? Maybe — The idea of switching to a Roth IRA can be pretty appealing. You do have a few considerations to look into, though, such as whether the conversion will bump you up to a higher tax bracket. Redeeming Riches via Currency

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