Best Money Tips: Meal Planning Tips for Busy Couples

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on meal planning tips for busy couples, summer destinations that won’t break the bank, and how to save money on things you can’t live without.

Top 5 Articles

Easy Meal Planning for Busy Couples — Food tends to be one of the biggest expenses for couples. While it's easy (yet expensive) to dine out all the time, it isn't difficult to make meals at home, either. It just takes some planning! [Couple Money]

12 Dreamy Summer Destinations That Won't Break the Bank — These wallet-friendly hot spots have everything you'll need for an ideal summer escape. [PopSugar Smart Living]

How to Save Money on Things You Can’t Live Without — You don't have to be deprived and miserable on your journey to financial fitness. Look for ways to afford the things that enhance and add value to your life. [Frugal Rules]

Don't Touch! A Scientist's Advice For Spotting Poison Ivy Before It Ruins Your Summer — Learn how to recognize poison ivy before you touch it — and what to do when it's too late. [NPR]

How To Make Lots Of Money During The Next Downturn — Take these steps to not only avoid losing money, but to actually make money during the next downturn. [Financial Samurai]

Other Essential Reading

How to Set Up a Successful Summer Routine — It's tempting to throw caution to the wind during the summer, but it's important to keep certain structures in your day, like a regular bedtime and a healthy meal three times a day. [Professional Organizer]

5 Simple Solutions to Beat Lifestyle Inflation — When you have clear and specific goals, and you align your spending to achieve those goals, it's much easier to resist the kind of expenses that lead to lifestyle inflation. [Everything Finance]

Should You Spend or Invest Your HSA Funds? — Whether it’s better to spend your HSA funds on medical costs or keep it invested for the long term depends on your financial situation. [Quick and Dirty Tips]

Organized Travel Documents for an Organized Vacation — Having all your vacation information printed out and organized in a folder can help cut down on the stress while you travel. [Organizing Junkie]

8 Simple Steps to Mindfully Declutter Your Home before Moving — Going through all the stuff you've accumulated while living in your home can be really stressful! Here are a few ways to going about this moving task without tearing your hair out. [Mindful Decluttering & Organizing]

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