Best Money Tips: Money Questions to Consider Before Marriage


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on money questions to consider before marriage, Memorial Day discounts, and expenses you won't have in retirement.

Top 5 Articles

50 Money Questions to Consider Before Marriage — Before you get married, discuss debt and health insurance with your future spouse. [The Centsible Life]

16 Memorial Day Discounts To Look Out For — This Memorial Day, don't miss Nordstrom's half yearly sale. [SavvySugar]

Five Expenses You Won't Have in Retirement — When you retire, you will be paying less in taxes and won't need to support your kids. [Free Money Finance]

How to Change Your Spending Habits — To change your spending habits, start by first identifying your habits. [Get Rich Slowly]

Learn to Live Fully: 3 Ways How — Live fully by asking great questions so you are reminded of the things that are important to you. [PickTheBrain]

Other Essential Reading

Build Relationships While Eliminating Debt — To build relationships while eliminating debt, take time to volunteer! [Deliver Away Debt]

Tricks Used to Get You to Spend Your Money — Don't let the feeling of urgency make you spend your money. [Good Financial Cents]

The Fine Line Between Being Generous and An Idiot — Make sure you don't cross the line between being generous and being an idiot by setting a generousity budget. [Step Away From The Mall]

Nine Great Ways to Blow Your Wedding Budget — Want to spend a ton of money on your wedding? Have a completely open bar. [Five Cent Nickel]

ProSquad: Summer Bedtimes and Parenting Adopted Children — During the summer, bring your kids inside an hour before bedtime so they have a chance to unwind. [Parenting Squad]

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