Best Money Tips: Money-Saving Tips People Often Forget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on money-saving tips people forget about, why you need renter's insurance, and reducing the cost of a college education.

Top 5 Articles

7 Money-Saving Tips People Often Forget About — People often forget to buy in bulk or skip their morning latte. [Money Talks News]

What is Renter's Insurance and Why You Need It — Renter's insurance can protect you from theft and accidents that occur on a renter's property. [Free From Broke]

39 Ways You Can Cut the Cost of College — To reduce the cost of going to college, try to minimize the length of time you are in school. [College Info Geek]

Are You About To Be Scammed? 7 Red Flags — If you get an email where something is off with the subject line, chances are it's a scam. [Bargaineering]

3 Steps for Combining Your Finances After Saying "I Do" — When combining your finances after tying the knot, make sure you are 100% honest about your financial situation. [Credit Sesame]

Other Essential Reading

7 Ways to Lose $100,000 in a Hurry — Throwing a wedding or seeking an unnecessary graduate degree can cause you to lose a ton of money really quickly. [Kiplinger]

Three Ways to Make Sure Your Retirement Savings Outlasts You — Make sure your retirement savings outlasts you by starting small and going variable. [Free Money Finance]

20 Travel Photos You Must Take on Your Next Trip — On your next trip, remember to get pictures of your takeoff view. [PopSugar Smart Living]

3 Shopping Mistakes We Can't Stop Making — Many people make the mistake of buying things they don't need because of coupons or sales. [MSN Money]

5 Ways to Prevent Head Lice — To prevent your child from getting head lice, teach them not to share hats or other clothing items that may touch their head. [Parenting Squad]

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