Best Money Tips: Money-Saving YouTube Channels


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on YouTube channels that could save you hundreds every month, the right way to store and organize your spices, and tips to save money this summer.

Top 5 Articles

These 21 YouTube Channels Could Save You Hundreds Every Month — Watch House of Aqua's Zero Dollar Decorating Challenge videos for ways to give your rooms a new look without spending any money. [The Penny Hoarder]

How to Store & Organize Your Spices — Hold your spices in small jars with tight-fitting lids. It's even better if they're glass — they won't transfer flavors even if you reuse the jars for other spices. [Living Well Spending Less]

4 Tips to Save Your Family Money This Summer — Whether you're having a staycation or traveling across the country, you'll need a spending plan to avoid paying for your vacation long after it's over. [Christian PF]

Too Good to Be True? How Trader Joe's Sells Affordable Goods — Most Trader Joe's locations are smaller than the average grocery store, allowing them to spend less on overhead and to pass on the savings to their customers. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The Cost of Breaking Up (And the Money Problems You Can Avoid) — You can't spend like you're a two-income household anymore. Figure out your new spending plan — what expenses can you cut, and where can you save? Will you need to relocate or get a roommate? [A Debt Free Stress Free Life]

Other Essential Reading

How To Stay Motivated at Following Your Monthly Budget: A Lesson in Psychology — Apply the peak-end rule to your money-smart habits and feel motivated to keep it up every month. [Ready To Be Rich]

5 Types of Low-Budget Weddings Anyone Can Plan — You can save a bundle on the wedding venue by having it in a decent-sized backyard. If it's yours or a friend's backyard, you can nix the venue costs altogether! [Don't Pay Full]

8 Reasons to Be Early to Work — An empty office with few distractions is a great environment for buckling down and getting work done. [Daily Worth]

Feeling Envious? Make It Work For You — Take your feelings of envy as a sign that you want something. That something may not be obvious, so give yourself time to figure it out. [Money Crush]

Why I Refuse to Let My Children Cry it Out — Not responding to your baby's cries in order to sleep train him may have detrimental effects on your child's development. [Parenting Squad]

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