Best Money Tips: Natural Ways to Repel Bugs

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on natural ways to keep bugs at bay, myths that keep you from getting rid of your stuff, and cheap alternatives to hotels.

Top 5 Articles

Natural Ways to Keep Bugs at Bay — Avoid going outside at sunrise and sundown, when most bugs are active. [Living Well Spending Less]

5 Myths Keeping You From Getting Rid of Your Stuff — Don't keep stuff around just because you think your kids will need them. Ask them what they want, accept their answers, and don't pressure them into taking more stuff. [Kiplinger]

8 Cheap Alternatives to Hotels When Traveling — Many colleges and universities offer temporary or hotel-like accommodations. Some even include cafeteria meals! [Well Kept Wallet]

5 Ways the Fed Rate Hike Will Impact You — Last Wednesday's rate hike probably won't be the last one we'll see this year. While savings and money market accounts may pay more now, borrowing will become more expensive. [Money Talks News]

10 Science-Backed Ways You Can Create Happiness in Your Everyday Life — The phrase "the more the merrier" is backed by science! Enjoying an activity with someone else makes you happier than those who go at it solo. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

Renters and would-be homeowners face increasingly tough housing market, study finds — A new report from Harvard University sheds light on the trends that make housing a growing struggle for homeowners and prospective buyers. [The Christian Science Monitor]

How To Get Your Facebook Page Noticed — Make sure you respond to comments in a timely manner. Engaging with your followers will make your page feel more personal. [Shopping Kim]

13 Things to Buy at Sears While You Still Can — Many industry observers predict that Sears is on the verge of collapse. Check out these bargains before the retail pioneer closes its doors once and for all. [Cheapism]

How To Keep Your Car Clean — Avoid parking under trees that drip sap. If you do find sap on your car, remove it with WD-40. [A Debt Free Mess Free Life]

5 Behaviors of Successful Business Leaders — Successful business leaders always maintain constant and open communication. [Blunt Money]

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