Best Money Tips: Online Shopping Hacks to Beat Retailers


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on online shopping hacks to beat retailers at their own game, what you can expect from Memorial Day sales, and a guide to selling on Facebook groups.

Top 5 Articles

4 Online Shopping Hacks To Beat Retailers at Their Own Game — Many stores offer special discounts or rewards if you share promotional messages your social media accounts…which you can delete as soon as you get the discount. [CouponPal]

What to expect from Memorial Day sales — You'll see a lot of great clothing deals — and a bunch of them will allow you to use stackable coupons! [The Monitor]

How to get people to buy your junk … A guide to selling almost anything on Facebook groups — Before you make a listing, spend a bit of time learning the etiquette and lingo of the groups, and take note of what sells. [Bargaineering]

16 Life Hacks All Women Absolutely Should Know — There's an easy way to break in new shoes with just a pair of thick socks and a hair dryer! [PopSugar Smart Living]

How to Successfully Resist a Tempting Sales Pitch — If you know you're easily persuaded, tell a friend or famly member exactly what you want and your budget, and bring them along as reinforcements. [MoneyNing]

Other Essential Reading

7 Ways to Conquer Student Loan Debt — If you continue to live on a college budget and keep your expenses low, you'll be able to put more of your money into paying off student loans. [ReadyForZero]

6 Gifts That Actually Help to Launch Graduates — Take the new grad shopping for a well-made, perfectly-fit interview suit. [PT Money]

Don’t Get Off Track This Summer — It's easy to sit for hours at a restaurant with outdoor seating, ordering more food and drinks as you socialize, but that gets expensive. Instead, opt for cheap outdoor activities like picnics, street fairs, and movies in the park. [Listen Money Matters]

Why Spending More on Food Now is Better For Your Retirement — If you don't want to spend all your retirement savings on medical bills during your golden years, then make sure to prioritize your health now. [Aspiring Millionaire]

8 Tips for New Dads in the Delivery Room — Your wife may not be able to answer questions or make decisions during labor. Be ready to field questions and handle any issues that come up. [Parenting Squad]

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