Best Money Tips: Organic Groceries on a Budget

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles how to shop organic on a budget, 1-minute habits that will improve your day, and ways to make household items last longer.

Top 5 Articles

How to Shop Organic (Even at Whole Foods) Without Going Broke — Check out warehouse stores like BJ's, Sam's Club, or Costco if you need to buy organic in bulk. [Kiplinger]

20 1-Minute Habits That Will Make Your Day Better — Get your heart pumping! Do 60 jumping jacks in a cardio minute. [PopSugar Smart Living]

How to Make Household Items Last Longer — Just like plugged-in electronics, battery-powered things will drain the battery even when you're not using it. So, take the batteries out if you know you won't need it for a while. [Canadian Finance Blog]

5 Bad Online Habits That Put You At Risk — Don't do your shopping or banking in public networks. Anyone can access the free WiFi at your local coffee shop and it's easy for a hacker to get your personal information through an unsecured connection. [CouponPal]

Do-it-yourself house-painting: not so simple, but rewarding — Painting your house the right way requires a lot of prep; skipping one of these steps may lower the quality of the end product. [The Monitor]

Other Essential Reading

Internet Security Threats: A Million New Types of Malware Released Every 24 Hours — You can get malware on mobile devices, too. Symantec found that nearly one in every five Android apps were malware in disguise. [Credit Sesame]

Americans are spending how much on weddings?! Here’s how we had a blast on a budget on our big day — Instead of a traditional wedding cake, you can serve homemade desserts and family favorites. [Bargaineering]

Looking for passive income? Here are some things to consider. — Certain passive income options (like rental properties) actually require a lot of work and may not be a good fit for everyone. [Thousandaire]

Personal Finance By The Decade — Try to have your student loans paid off by the time you're in your thirties. [Listen Money Matters]

Family Entertainment on A Budget — Schedule one night a week as family night, where everyone is home for board games, crafts, kid-friendly science experiences — whatever your family wants to do! [Aspiring Millionaire]

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