Best Money Tips: Painless Ways to Save $1,000 by Summer


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found painless ways to save $1,000 by summer, great deals for January, and ways to eat well on a budget.

Top 5 Articles

16 Painless Ways to Save $1,000 by Summer — Getting a cheaper cell plan can help you save $300 or more. [Money Talks News]

Family Shopping Guide: Deals and Steals for January — New furniture styles will arrive in February, so now is your chance to get last year's showroom models at a hefty discount. [Parenting Squad]

Nine ways to eat well on a budget — Opt for cheaper protein sources, like a whole chicken that you can stretch over several meals rather than chicken breasts, which costs more per pound. [The Monitor]

The 5-Minute Morning Routine For Your Best Day Ever — Start your day off right! Spend the first couple of minutes moving your body and meditating on your day. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Experian's Daily #CreditScope on Periscope — Check out Experian's Credit Q&A on Periscope, where they answer questions about money and credit topics. Join in on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET! [Experian]

Other Essential Reading

The Rules of Thrifting — Try on everything! Sizes can vary between brands and even decades, so you never know how something will fit until you try it on. [Listen Money Matters]

17 Ways for Moms to Save Money — Take advantage of the many resources at your local public library, including free entertainment! [Cult of Money]

7 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Risk Taker — A successful risk tasker is a short-term pessimist and a long-term optimist. [Pick The Brain]

How To Make An Efficient House Cleaning Schedule — A monthly cleaning schedule my work better than a weekly one because everyone knows what tasks they're responsible for well ahead of time. [VIP for Air]

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy — Get some cinnamon into your system! This spice will naturally boost your energy. [Change Your Thoughts]

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