Best Money Tips: Part-Time Jobs With the Best Benefits


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share which companies offer the best benefits for part-time employees, how to use cloves for your health and home, and ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Top 5 Articles

The Ten Best Part-Time Jobs With Benefits — Most of these companies offer medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, and retirement plans — and other perks! PT Money

Natural Cures Spotlight: Cloves — Use diluted clove oil as a mouthwash. It's effective against bad breath and mouth sores. Nature Moms

Ten Commandments for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint — Let Mother Nature do some of the work: hang out your laundry on sunny days and collect water for your garden on rainy days. Sustainablog

Beyond Tupperware: Frugal food storage — Reuse empty jam, pickle, or spaghetti sauce jars if you need glass containers for your homemade goods. Get Rich Slowly

A hack to include online purchases in a cash budgeting system — If you use the envelope method for your budgeting, start by creating another envelope for online purchases. Mighty Bargain Hunter

Other Essential Reading

Tax day extended to April 18 — Thanks to Emancipation Day, you have three extra days to file your taxes this year. CNN Money

7 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets That Are Worth the Money — Slow-cookers are great for their versatility — and the fact that you can do other things while it cooks. MintLife

Clean the Dishwasher with Kool-Aid — You can now add a pack of lemon-flavored Kool-Aid to the list of thrifty dishwasher cleaners. DIY Life

How to Get an Extra Hour or Two Per Night — If you need to work a in the evening, whether it's for your job or a personal project, a short after-dinner nap will help you recharge and relax. Freestyle Mind

Choosing the Right 529 Plan — If your state's 529 plan doesn't appeal to you, check out the plans of other states. Generation X Finance via Currency

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