Best Money Tips: Pet Safety Over the Holidays


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today we share holiday hazards that may endanger your pets, airline fees to avoid, easy (and mostly tasty) homemade gift ideas for the holidays, and more!

Top 5 Articles

8 Ways to Keep Your Family Pet Safe Over the Holidays — Poinsettias are popular this time of year…and dangerous to your pet. Unless you want Spot to have a blistering mouth and an upset stomach, keep the festive plant out of his reach. TakePart

How to Avoid Sneaky Airline Fees — Well, you'll need to find them, first. Not all fees are disclosed online, so Get Rich Slowly has compiled a handy list of the ones to watch out for. Get Rich Slowly

7 Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas — Homemade fudge is easy to make and even easier to customize for a variety of flavors and looks. You can rumble peppermint sticks on top or smear on peanut butter swirls…whatever you want! Parenting Squad

20 Ways to Relax at Work — Why start the day harried and stressed? Park farther away from the entrance instead of desperately looking spot near the door. Time Management Ninja

Plan that trip without exhausting yourself! — Make a list of everything you need to bring — everything. In fact, a few other lists will help, too. Money Saving Mom

Other Essential Reading

How To Quietly Look For A Job When You Still Have One — Rapidly adding dozens of LinkedIn connections is much too obvious. Take it slow, and make it about reconnecting with people — not all about job prospects. Forbes

Top 10 Confidence Boosters That Work — We tense up when we're nervous, so consciously relaxing the muscles will help you feel less nervous and more confident. Sources of Insight

OPEN Forum's Top Articles of 2010 — Check out OPEN Forum's best offerings for business owners and budding entrepreneurs. From marketing advice to productivity tips, these highlights will help you kick-start 2011. OPEN Forum

You Can Always Get What You Want…Eventually — It takes some work to get what you want, but you can make the process easier by adding some shrewdness to your life. Learn how to negotiate even on the not-so-big-ticket items. Lela Davidson via Currency

5 Last-Minute Shopping Tips and Tricks — Once you're in the doors, you can be sure that the store will do whatever it takes to get you to stay longer and spend more. Studies show that the scent of vanilla or the sound of holiday tunes will put shoppers in the spending spirit. Alpha Consumer

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