Best Money Tips: Products With the Highest Markups


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the products with the highest price markups, ways to use baby shampoo outside the tub, and easy ways to save on airfare.

Top 5 Articles

7 Products With the Highest Price Markups — A cup of coffee costs about $0.50. How much is your latte factor costing you? [Main Street]

19 Ways to Make Use of Baby Shampoo Outside of the Bathtub — If you accidentally shrank a sweater, you can use baby shampoo to bring it back to its proper size! [PopSugar Smart Living]

7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Airfare — Research any other fees and taxes that you may need to pay. A ticket may seem to be a great deal until you factor in the other costs. [Credit Sesame]

Get Well Fast: What to Do When You Can't Afford to Be Sick — Don't try to wait out your sickness — seek medical care ASAP to diagnose and treat what ails you. [Money Under 30]

What You Must Know About Contributing to a Health Savings Account in 2015 — It's a better idea to contribute to your HSA via payroll deduction than to make a lump sum contribution at the beginning of the year. [Kiplinger]

Other Essential Reading

Start Saving and Planning Now for Summer Vacays — A number of banks and credit unions offer savings accounts designed specifically for holding summer vacation funds. [Bargaineering]

Five Alternatives to Raiding Your Retirement Savings Early — Before you tap your retirement savings, consider ways to slash your expenses radically. Can you downsize your home? Sell a car? [Money Smart Life]

5 Tips for Saving Money When You Have Low Income — Tackle any high-interest debt first, then find ways to cut down your biggest expenses. [MoneyNing]

The Lost Art of Experimenting Your Way to Happiness — Stop looking outside of yourself to find the things that are supposed to make you happy. Instead, trust your inner GPS to guide you to your own happiness. [Wake Up Cloud]

A Word of Caution About Posting Child Pictures on Facebook — It isn't enough to lock down the privacy settings on your own Facebook page. Make sure your friends and family know your limits for sharing pictures of your kids. [Parenting Squad]

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