Best Money Tips: Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Something

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on questions to ask yourself before you buy something, selling on Craigslist, and food and vacation.

Top 5 Articles

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Something — Before you buy something, ask yourself how often you will use it. [Good Financial Cents]

How Can I Avoid Getting Screwed When Selling on Craigslist? — To avoid getting screwed when selling on Craigslist, only accept cash and steer clear of scam emails. [Lifehacker]

Food and Vacation — Save money on food when on vacation by visiting a grocery store upon arrival at your destination. [The Simple Dollar]

3 Steps Women Should Take Towards Retirement — Take a step towards retirement by being smart and paying yourself first! [Moneylicious]

3 Creative Ways to Uncover Local Job Openings — To find local job openings, stay up to date on the local job market with [Chrisitan PF]

Other Essential Reading

The 52 Best Money Saving Tips — Save money by canceling your subscriptions. [Free Money Finance]

Simple Summer Baby Shower Ideas — When throwing a baby shower this summer, consider throwing a pool-themed shower. [Parenting Squad]

How To Set Up a Car Maintenance Plan & Budget — Create a car maintenance plan and budget by identifying what services your car will need at certain mileage milestones, then guestimating how much each service will cost. [Deliver Away Debt]

Stop Facebook From Using Your Information For Advertising — Did you know that if you "like" anything on Facebook that correlates with a Facebook advertiser, your picture may be seen in sponsored items from that advertiser? [Consumerism Commentary]

21 Uses For Old Books — Use your old books to make notebook covers or table runners. [SavvySugar]

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