Best Money Tips: Improve Your Memory By Talking Out Loud

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today's best tips will help you improve your memory, pick the right college major, identify doomed stocks, and more!

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Talking Out Loud Improves Memory Retention — Next time you need to memorize a big list, read half of the items out loud. Psychology Today via Lifehacker

Best Buy Might Give You Free iPods — College students and teachers from all levels may get a free iPod with Mac purchase, but only if they ask for it aggressively and are willing to talk to the store's general manager.  Consumerist

Best Undergrad College Degrees by Salary — Engineering and Science majors dominate the top of the list. Education, Social Work, and Fine Arts majors are in for a rough time. PayScale via Bargaineering

What to Do When Your COBRA Runs Out? — Alumni associations, professional organizations, and part-time jobs are all good ways to retain your health coverage without going broke.  Walletpop

Cheap Ways to Beat Bad Breath — Eat yogurt, chew on celery, and drink plenty of water to banish bad breath on the cheap. Healthy Theory

Other Essential Reading

When It's Too Expensive for Elderly Parents to Keep Driving — Consider alternative transportation options or hire a "driving therapist" to help them overcome impairments. Wall Street Journal

Take Advantage of Commuter Tax Breaks — Congress has granted nice tax breaks for employee transportation fringe benefits like transit passes, van pooling, parking, and bicycle allowance. Smart Money

10 Best Cities for the Next Decade  — Austin, Seattle, Washington, Boulder, and Salt Lake City top the list of the best places to live, find a job, and start a business in the future.  Kiplinger via Free Money Finance

How Tax Brackets Work — Moving up to a higher tax bracket doesn't mean your entire income is taxed at your new bracket.  Sweating the Big Stuff and The Simple Dollar

8 Signs of a Doomed Stock — By digging into a company's activities and financial statements, even the average investor can identify a corporate train wreck before it happens.  Forbes

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