Best Money Tips: Reduce Your Food Budget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on reducing your food budget, saving on winter spending, and times when it's ok NOT to save money.

Top 5 Articles

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Food Budget — Reduce your food budget by planning your meals in advance. [Moola Days]

6 Tricks to Save on Winter Spending — To save on winter spending, insulate your home. [SavvySugar]

3 Times in Life When It's Okay NOT to Save Money — It is ok to not save money when you are a college student. [Quizzle Wire]

5 Cool, Free Holiday Gifts for Your Spouse — This holiday season, write your spouse a love letter. [Five Cent Nickel]

How to Dispute Credit Report Errors — To dispute credit report errors, start by writing a letter to the credit bureau listing the inaccuracies. [Moolanomy]

Other Essential Reading

Have a (Mostly) Free Christmas — Have a mostly free Christmas by handmaking your gifts. [Cash Money Life]

20 Summer Jobs for College Students — If you are a college student, consider taking a job at a resort. []

Avoid Debt this Holiday Season — Make sure you avoid debt this holiday season by looking for ways to earn more money. [Financial Highway]

11 Secrets of Frugal Bloggers — Not all frugal bloggers take cold showers and make their own cleaning supplies. [Free Money Finance]

Celebrating Your Christmas Baby's Birthday — When celebrating your Christmas baby's birthday, be sure to plan gifts ahead of time. [Parenting Squad]

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I like to create a menu for the week and develop a shopping list from it. I then take my shopping list and make one weekly trip to the grocery store. If it isn't on the list I don't buy it. This cuts down on impulse purchases which can really add up.

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I quite enjoyed the "Three Times in Life When It's Ok NOT to Save Money" article. Though I have to disagree with the college part. Unless you're paying your own tuition and NOT taking student loans, you should be trying to put away $500 a month. I did that during college so that as soon as I graduated, I had float money to last me until I found a job, which I did within three months of graduating. The money was them promptly put into a savings account where it has been accruing interest for the last ten years!