Best Money Tips: Renew Old Stuff With Dye

By Amy Lu on 20 October 2010 5 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we have a colorful tip to make your old stuff new again, a way out for those feeling buyer's remorse on a group deal, a list of 10 most useful Firefox shortcuts, and a way to make extra money...working for Wise Bread!

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I love the idea of dying to revive old clothes. I once had a Firetrap denim jacket which cost me a lot of money at the time. It faded really quickly and looked hellish after a few months. I bought some navy blue dye and redyed it in the washing machine bringing it completely back to life. It lasted for another two years.
I also remember at school we were taught how to tie-dye. Great fun, but I seem to recall the mess was pretty horrendous.

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

I always wanted to try tie-dyeing when I was a kid. Not so much for the tie-dye shirts, but the process just seemed fun and super artsy.

Guest's picture

Thanks for the link luv! I agree with dying to renew. I have a fond memory of going to the thrift store with my aunt - we bought a jumpsuit and a tiger print belt. When we got home, we dyed that jumpsuit a deep purple. It was my favorite outfit! Yes, I was a teen bopper then. It was all about the purple! ;)

Amy Lu's picture
Amy Lu

I LOVED purple! Then I loved green...and orange...and red. (I went through the whole rainbow before my 12-year-old self realized it's OK to like more than one color at a time.) I wish I knew how to dye when I was 11 so I could turn that green sweater a navy blue. Instead of, you know, buying another one. :p

Guest's picture
Deb Lee

I've also used dye to revive clothing...worked like a charm! ...wish I could say that I used a vibrant color, but my old black pants still quite new. =) Btw, thanks for including my article!