Best Money Tips: Resume Red Flags to Avoid


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on resume red flags to avoid, part-time jobs for retirees, and credit card 101.

Top 5 Articles

7 Resume Red Flags To Avoid — Don't make the resume mistakes of having a tacky email address or being vague. [SavvySugar]

6 Great Part-Time Jobs for Retirees — If you are a retiree, consider taking on a part time job as a pet sitter. [Kiplinger]

Credit Card 101: Before You Swipe That Credit Card — Before you use your credit card, make sure you are receiving benefits such as reward points or cash back. [Credit Sesame]

Score Big at Garage Sales — Get great deals at garage sales by looking for items that are still shrink-wrapped and asking for a better price. [MSN Money]

10 Tips for Flying With Babies and Toddlers — When flying with a baby, remember to feed them before takeoff and after landing to help their ears adjust to the air pressure. [Jaunted]

Other Essential Reading

The Best — And Worst — Paying Jobs in the United States — The job of a fast food cook is the worst paying job in the United States. [Bargaineering]

Making More Versus Spending Less — Making money can be more fun than spending less because you don't have to make cutbacks. [Free Money Finance]

5 Tips for Finding a Reliable Babysitter — When looking for a reliable babysitter, be sure to try out your potential babysitter before you hire her. [Money Talks News]

Free or Cheap Summer Movies for Kids — Check out National Amusements and Rave Motion Theaters to find free and cheap movies for kids this summer. [Mr. Free Stuff]

How to Teach Your Child New Skills — Teach your child new skills by demonstrating how to do things. [Parenting Squad]

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