Best Money Tips: Retire Without a Mortgage

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on retiring without a mortgage, making 2012 the year of spending less, and finding deals at thrift stores.

Top 5 Articles

6 Ways to Retire Without a Mortgage — Do you want to retire without a mortgage? Consider downsizing your home. [Kiplinger]

This Week in Money Management: How to Make 2012 the Year of Spending Less? — To spend less in 2012, buy things when they are on sale. [Credit Sesame]

How to Find Screaming Deals at Thrift Stores — Find amazing deals at thrift stores by recognizing quality items based on weight. [Money Talks News]

5 Habits to Ensure You Have a Healthier, More Productive 2012 — To make 2012 a healthier, more productive year, banish technology from your bedroom. [Time Management Ninja]

7 Good Paying Jobs That Do Not Require a College Degree — If you want a good paying job without having to go to college, consider becoming a pilot. [Moolanomy]

Other Essential Reading

6 Essentials to Feeding Your Lactose Intolerant Child — When feeding your lactose intolerant child, remember that eggs are protein products, not dairy. [Parenting Squad]

I Hired a New CPA — When hiring a CPA, make sure to take location into consideration. [Free Money Finance]

6 Things You Should Reduce This Year — This year, make it a point to get rid of clutter. [Not Made Of Money]

4 Things To Know Before You Buy A Small Car — Before you buy a small car, evaluate if you are budget minded or comfort minded. [Forbes]

6 Tax Moves to Make in January — This month, make sure you take advantage of expiring tax benefits. [SavvySugar]

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Mortgage-free is not necessarily the best option, even if it feels more comfortable. A nest egg that is sunk into a house is illiquid and still subject to loss of value. Consider that 30 year fixed mortgages are currently 4% (tax deductible) and AT&T stock is paying a dividend of almost 6% (subject to a maximum 15% income tax). If I invest the money and take a mortgage I am not only more flexible, I'm ahead of the game.