Best Money Tips: Save Money After Your Baby is Born

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on ways to save after your baby is born, how to teach kids about money, and places to buy cheap travel supplies.

Top 5 Articles

4 Budget-Savvy Tips for Saving Money After a New Baby Arrives — Save money after your baby is born by asking friends if you can borrow their newborn baby equipment. [MoneyNing]

8 Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money — Teach your kids about money by practicing one financial tip each week. [U.S. News via Yahoo News]

5 Cheap Places to Buy Travel Supplies — If you need cheap travel supplies, check out your local dollar stores. [Financial Highway]

Working Your Way to the Top — Do you want to work your way to the top? Then make sure to prioritize your time to maximize your results. [The Financial Blogger]

Affordable Sports and Training for You — Train yourself affordably by joining a community sports team. [Green Panda Treehouse]

Other Essential Reading

How to Maximize Your Time at a Children's Museum — Make the most of your time at a children's museum by going over museum etiquette with your child beforehand. [Parenting Squad]

How to Make Money From Your Hobbies — If you love sports, think about coaching a children's team to make some extra cash. [Moolanomy]

10 Careers Which Are No Longer in High Demand — If you were thinking about getting a job as a bank teller, think again. [Not Made Of Money]

How to File an Amended Tax Return — When filing an amended tax return, be sure to include schedules and forms that contribute to the reason why you are filing the amended return. [Cash Money Life]

3 Ways to Avoid the Most Common Investing Mistake — Avoid the most common investing mistake by not dwelling on losses and instead moving forward. [MintLife]

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