Best Money Tips: Save Money By Winterizing Your Life

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on how to save money by winterizing your life, how to feed your family on $80 a week, and 200+ mind-blowing upcycling ideas.

Top 5 Articles

27 Steps to Save Money By Winterizing Your Life — Don't just winterize your home (although that's important too). Before winter sets in, get the last of the scrumptious summer produce and preserve them. [Listen Money Matters]

How I Fed My Family on $80 a Week — Sticking to a strict grocery budget can be hard, but it's possible. One way to do it it to use credit cards that give you rewards and cash back. [Women & Co.]

221 Upcycling Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind — Combine coffee grounds and leftover wax candle ends to make coffee-scented candles! [PopSugar Smart Living]

4 Reasons You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Results — Doing too much cardio will use up the recovery reserves you need for strength training, which is the better way to burn fat. [Dumb Little Man]

10 Not-So-Common Frugal Living Ideas — Move to a cheaper part of your city if it makes financial sense and it won't increase your commute by too much. [Don't Pay Full]

Other Essential Reading

3 Sneaky Scams I Fell For (and How You Can Avoid Them) — Do your research before you contribute to a natural disaster relief fund. Scam artists often take advantage of people's goodwill to collect identifying info. [MoneyNing]

8 Ways to Stay Safe While Using Your Phone to Manage Your Money — Use apps that have a passcode feature for an added level of security. [PT Money]

How to Get Good at Something: 5 Simple Lessons — Apply what you've learned. The more you practice, the better you'll get! [Life Optimizer]

5 Keys to Becoming a Millionaire — As your net worth rises, make sure your insurance coverage does, too. [My Dollar Plan]

8 Ways to Keep Your Children from Becoming Victims — Building your child's self-esteem can give him a stronger sense of right and wrong, which will help him recognize abusive behavior. [Parenting Squad]

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