Best Money Tips: Save Money on Plus-Sized Clothing

By Linsey Knerl on 24 September 2010 0 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how to shop for plus-sized clothing, why corner lots may be for suckers, and how to prepare for an evacuation from your home.

Top 5 Articles

How to Save Money on Plus Size Clothes — This is a very positive and useful post on where and how to get a great deal on clothing for the full-figured. With lists of stores that you probably shop already, it's even more convenient to find a good fit! The Frugal Girl

21 Reasons Why Corner Lots Are for Suckers — Usually, these lots are considered "prime" real estate, and fetch a higher price. But could you actually be getting a raw deal? Len Penzo

Do Competent Kids Need an Inheritance? — It's assumed that you'll leave all your stuff to your kids when you die… but what if they are perfectly capable of becoming wealthy on their own (or are already so?) Watson Inc.

Wedding Taxes: Four Must-Know Tax Facts for Planning Your Big Day — It's the most special day of your life, but Uncle Sam wants his cut. Get prepared to pay! Money Under 30

Are Your Ready to Evacuate? — Lynnae experience a close call with a brush fire that could have deeply affected her family. Would you be as prepared to leave your home? Check out her to-do list and get ready! Being Frugal

Other Essential Reading

Turn Your Clutter Into Cash — Got too much junk lying around? Need to downsize? Why not make some money doing it with these proven tips from our own Adam Baker? His new ebook is available now! Man Vs. Debt

13 Books Well Worth Reading — Trent shares his opinions on what books make the "cream of the crop." There are some pretty good ones on this list — which ones would you add? The Simple Dollar

Best Ways to Use Twitter to Save Money — This is a go-to list for who to follow on Twitter. Save money, learn how to live, and be inspired! CBS Moneywatch

If You Want a New HDTV, Wait a Month or Two — Word on the street is that the glut of new LCD TVs will cause prices to drop. Can you afford one? CNN Money via Consumerist

Salty Brownies Are Sinful — Have you ever tried brownies with sea salt swirled into them? Try this recipe and be converted! Yum Sugar

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