Best Money Tips: Save Money on Your Mortgage


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on saving on your mortgage, ways to make extra money and keep your day job, and how to ace a group interview.

Top 5 Articles

Tips To Save Money On A Mortgage — Save money on your mortgage by renting vacant rooms in your home. [Money Q&A]

26 Ways To Make Extra Money And Keep Your Day Job — Consider cleaning businesses and offices to earn extra money while keeping your day job. [The Wisdom Journal]

How To Ace A Group Interview In 18 Immaculately Conceived Bullet Points — To ace your group interview, be confident and have questions. [Amateur Asset Allocator]

The Rule of Reciprocation: An Introduction — Did you know that research shows you will receive if you give? [Five Cent Nickel]

Debt Is Like Quicksand: The Struggle To Escape Can Often Lead To Greater Problems — Sometimes when you are in debt and trying to escape it, the scarcity of funds can lead to poor financial decisions. [Bible Money Matters]

Other Essential Reading

5 Ways to Manage Marriage and Money — When managing marriage and money, set a budget and ground rules for handling money. [Steadfast Finances]

Post-New Year's Resolution Plan: What To Do With Old Clothes — Organize a clothing swap to get rid of your old clothes. [SavvySugar]

How to Survive a Messy Toddler — Cleaning as you go is key to surviving a messy toddler. [Parenting Squad]

In defense of passion (with the help of reason) — When you have a passion for something, find a community of supporters to back you. [Get Rich Slowly]

The Power of Simple Gestures — Building relationships can help you get greater rewards in life and maybe even save a little money! [Free Money Finance]

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