Best Money Tips: Save Money When Staying at a Hotel

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on ways to save money when staying at a hotel, shopping rules of thumb, and ways to maximize Craigslist revenue.

Top 5 Articles

6 Ways to Save Money When Staying at a Hotel — Save money on your next hotel stay by taking advantage of the hotel's free shuttle service. [Smart Money Daily]

15 Shopping Rules of Thumb — When you shop, be sure to pay for freshness instead of convenience. [The Simple Dollar]

10 Ways to Maximize Craigslist Revenue — Maximize your Craigslist revenue by including pictures in your ads. [My Dollar Plan]

5 Car Financing Tips to Help You Get the Best Deal & Rates on a Car Loan — Get the best rate on your car loan by not buying or financing an extended warranty. [Single Guy Money]

Top 7 Energy Saving Tips for this Summer — Save energy this summer by using a programmable thermostat. [FIRE Finance]

Other Essential Reading

What Dad REALLY Wants For Father's Day — This Father's Day, make dad his favorite meal! [Parenting Squad]

Ten Things You Need To Know About Lightbulbs — The government has mandated that by 2012, lightbulbs must be 25% more efficient. [The Millionaire Nurse Blog]

How To Make Money Taking Surveys While Avoiding Scams — Avoid survey scams by recognizing when a disproportionate amount of money is being offered to take a certain survey. [Financially Poor]

11 Things You Can Give When You Think You Have Nothing Left To Give — When you think you have nothing left to give, you can still give of your time. [Dumb Little Man]

Risks That Can Derail Your Retirement — Job loss and having children are just a couple things that can derail your retirement plans. [Get Rich Slowly]

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