Best Money Tips: Save Money While You Sleep


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on saving money while you sleep, strategies to pay for college, and how to afford gourmet food every day.

Top 5 Articles

Save Money While You Sleep — Save money while you sleep by turning off electronics and unplugging everything before you go to bed. [Personal Finance Advice]

Strategies to Pay for College — Pay for college by taking advantage of financial aid. [Cash Money Life]

How to Afford Gourmet Every Day — You can afford gourmet food if you know how to shop the right foods. [Currency]

10 Little Known Ways to Make Extra Money Offline — Make money offline by helping people catch up to new technology. [Grad Money Matters]

How To Save Money By Using Your Smartphone — Use your smartphone to save money by using apps to find cheap gas. [Mogo Savings Blog]

Other Essential Reading

Dangers Of Alcohol And Energy Drinks: Impulsive Behaviors In Teens — Pre-made cocktails are major health hazards to teens. [Parenting Squad]

What to Do with Fresh Produce — When you have fresh produce, be sure to preserve your harvest. [Get Rich Slowly]

Prenups & Beyond: 6 Tips for Money and Divorce — If you are getting married, be sure your will and your fiancee's will are up to date. [Money Smart Life]

How To Write an eBook in 9 Must Have Steps — Are you thinking about writing an eBook? Then make sure you define the mission of your eBook. [The Financial Blogger]

Two Essential Steps For Finding a New Job — When looking for a new job, try to find an insider to help you with your search. [Matt About Money]

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By some strange coincidence you have listed 4 articles I specifically want to read. I've bookmarked, thanks.