Best Money Tips: Save on Early Bird Plane Tickets

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on saving on early bird plane tickets, the secrets to part-time job success, and frugal uses for your income tax return.

Top 5 Articles

3 Tips To Save On Early Bird Plane Tickets — If you are buying your airline tickets early, make sure to track the the prices to see if the price of your tickets changes. [SavvySugar]

A Part-Time Job: The Secret to Success — Instead of watching TV after work, consider taking a part-time job to pay off your debt. [Bucksome Boomer]

14 Frugal Uses for Your Income Tax Return — Not sure how to use your tax return? Consider using it to prepay your car insurance or visit the dentist. [MintLife Blog]

How to Avoid Molehills & Start Climbing Mountains — To avoid life's molehills and climb the mountains instead, pick the path less travelled. [Time Management Ninja]

9 Ways to Make Work Fun — Make work fun by decorating your desk and planning events immediately after work. [Life Optimizer]

Other Essential Reading

5 Tips to Help Reduce Credit Card Debt — Reduce your credit card debt by doing a balance transfer. [Smart Balance Transfers]

3 Signs That College Tuition Won't Get Any Cheaper — If you think college tuition will get cheaper, think again. The fact that government cannot reduce the price of tuition indicates tuition won't get cheaper. [Quizzlewire]

Do You Have a Car Emergency Kit? — When putting together a car emergency kit, remember to include duct tape and antifreeze. [Couple Money]

7 Healthy Snacks for Kids You Might Not Have Thought Of — Did you know popcorn is a healthy snack for your kids? [Parenting Squad]

42 Ways to Make Life Simpler — Make your life simpler by only writing emails once a day. [The Positivity Blog]

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