Best Money Tips: Save on Your Rental Car

By Ashley Jacobs on 1 July 2013 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on saving on your rental car, overcoming newlywed challenges, and summer jobs for kids.

Top 5 Articles

10 Strategies to Save on Your Rental Car — To save money on your rental car, research insurance and prepay. [PopSugar Smart Living]

How to Overcome 5 Newlywed Challenges — When deciding between having joint or solo bank accounts, remember that every couple is unique and must decide what is best for them as a couple. [Bargaineering]

7 Summer Jobs for Kids — This summer, encourage your child to wash cars or be a lifeguard. [Parenting Squad]

10 Tips for Balancing Career and Family — Creating a family playlist and making a daily phone call to your family from work can go a long way in balancing work and a happy family life. [Careerealism]

Best Sites to Save on Auto Insurance — is just one site that can help you save on auto insurance. [Kiplinger]

Other Essential Reading

Be Prepared to Lose Your Wallet — You may want to consider making photocopies of all the cards in your wallet so you are able to shut down those cards immediately if you lose your wallet. [NarrowBridge Finance]

Get paid to do online searches — Did you know the Bing search engine gives you points that you can use towards gift cards? [MSN Money]

Save Money on Moving — To save money when moving, don't hire professional movers. DIY instead! [Free Money Finance]

7 Foods That Reduce Stress and Improve Health — Reduce your stress levels by eating turkey and spinach. [Money Talks News]

3 Reasons to Tie the Knot Before Buying a Home — It may be a good idea to get married before buying a home because no marriage contract may mean no home contract. [Credit Sesame]

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