Best Money Tips: Save on Your Snowboard or Ski Trip


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on saving on your snowboard or ski trip, ways for teens to make money, and getting your retirement back on track.

Top 5 Articles

6 Tips To Help You Save On Your Snowboard Or Ski Trip — To save money on your snowboard or ski trip, consider renting a cabin. [SavvySugar]

A Few Ways for Teens to Make Money — Encourage your teen to get a job in retail if they want to get discounts on clothes. [Generation X Finance]

Ten Steps To Get Your Retirement Back On Track — Get your retirement back on track by using online tools to help you save money. [Forbes]

6 Ways to Cut the Cost of Popular Weight Loss Plans — Hunting for coupon codes can help you cut the cost of popular weight loss plans. [MintLife Blog]

Tax Deductions You Can Take After December 31st...It's Not Too Late — You can still take advantage of traditional IRA contributions. []

Other Essential Reading

How Can I Save Money on My Smartphone Bill When Traveling Internationally? — Getting a pay-as-you-go SIM can help you save on your smartphone bill when traveling internationally. [Lifehacker]

5 Networking Tips for a New Job in 2013 — If you want to get a new job in 2013, start by getting a "top tier" contact list. [MainStreet]

How to Avoid Paying a Mandatory Gratuity for Bad Service — To avoid paying a mandatory gratuity for bad service, inform the manager you'd like a different server. [Len Penzo]

Five Things That Keep People from Getting Ahead — Student loans and low community awareness can keep people from getting ahead. [The Simple Dollar]

How to Deal With Outgrown Clothes — Consider gifting away any outgrown clothes in your home. [Parenting Squad]

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