Best Money Tips: Saving for Your Child's College Fund

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on saving for your child's college fund, reasons to have a budget, and saving money at restaurants.

Top 5 Articles

4 Things You Must Do When Saving for Your Child's College Fund — When saving for your child's college fund, remember to start saving early on in his or her life. [Parenting Squad]

Five Reasons to Have a Budget — If you are just graduating college, it is important for you to have a budget. [Free Money Finance]

7 Tips On Saving Money At Restaurants — To save money at restaurants, make sure to take your leftovers home. [Cash The Checks]

The 5 Things You Need To Know About Retirement Plans — Are you saving for retirement? Don't forget to diversify! [FiGuide]

How To Make Money Reselling Goods: 5 Unique Ways — Make money reselling goods by using online venues. [Christian PF]

Other Essential Reading

10 Ways To Make A Good Day More Likely — Increase your odds of having a good day by eating a healthy breakfast. [SavvySugar]

Can you afford to replace your home? — You might not be able to afford replacing your home due to the fact that construction costs have risne. []

Frugal Fixes for Furniture — Fix your ruined pots and pans by using water softener. [Being Frugal]

12 Things To Start Caring About Today — Make it a point to start caring about how you treat others today. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

10 Inspirational Tips to Give Yourself a Boost — To give yourself a boost, listen to some up-tempo music or start a gratitude journal. [Coach for Your Dreams]


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