Best Money Tips: Saving Money in the Kitchen

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on saving money in the kitchen, ways to spend your tax refund, and how to get a promotion.

Top 5 Articles

Saving Money in the Kitchen — To save money in the kitchen, keep a leftover calendar and have a good set of knives. [Mainstream Mom]

7 Meaningful Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund — Consider spending your tax refund on your health or your child's tuition. [SavvySugar]

How to Get a Promotion — Want to get a promotion? Start by doing more than your job requires. [Free Money Finance]

How to Negotiate a Medical Bill - 3 Tips for Success — Successfully negotiate your medical bill by paying it in person today. [Eliminate The Muda]

7 Smart Ways to Free Yourself from Your Stuff — To free yourself from your stuff, write down what is most important to you. [20 and Engaged]

Other Essential Reading

How to Survive the College Decision Season — Make college decision season more tolerable by not making college the constant topic of conversation. [Parenting Squad]

9 Bad Money Habits (and how to break them) — Don't make the money mistake of not having an emergency fund or not saving for retirement. [QuizzleWire]

How to Clean Out Your Closet in Five Easy Steps — When cleaning out your closet, you must completely empty your closet out. [American Debt Project]

Surviving and Thriving as a Successful Female Entrepreneur — Thrive as an entrepreneur by managing your time effectively and believing in yourself. [Careful Cents]

5 Significant Ways It's Cheaper to Work from Home — Working from home saves you money on clothes and childcare. [Financial Highway]

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