Best Money Tips: Secrets to a Healthy Relationship With Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the secrets to a healthy relationship with money, cheap Valentine's Day gifts for the people you love, and frugal fails to avoid.

Top 5 Articles

3 Secrets to a Healthy Relationship With Money — Commit to weekly money "dates" to review your budget and manage your finances. [Mint Life]

10 Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts for Him, Her, and Everyone Else — Put together a scavenger hunt featuring key parts of your history together. [Cheapism]

10 Frugal Fails You Should Be Avoiding — There are many home repairs that you can do on your own, but difficult electrical or plumbing projects should be left to professionals. [StepChange MoneyAware]

Buying Cars Knowing the Dealer Invoice Price — The dealer invoice price doesn't represent the actual amount that a dealer pays for a car. There's room for negotiation here if you know what you're doing. [Banking Sense]

8 Sleep Hacks That Will Put You Right to Bed — Taking a nap 15 minutes after you drink a cup of coffee is more effective than doing one or the other on their own. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

5 Banking Trends to Watch in 2015 — There will be better payment security, with EMV chips becoming a standard feature of U.S. cards in October. [NerdWallet]

8 Money Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s — Shop around for an apartment that you can actually afford. Overpaying for housing can really put a dent in your finances in the long run. [My Dollar Plan]

23 Job Search Mistakes New College Grads Make — Not paying attention to your online presence can harm your chances of getting a job. [Credit Donkey]

How to Tell If You're on Track for Your Financial Goals — If your net worth is increasing each year, then you're on the right track no matter what your financial goals are. [The Simple Dollar]

6 Ways to Ski Affordably — If you don't intend the ski the entire day, look for discounts on tickets for skiing in the afternoon or twilight hours. [Parenting Squad]

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