Best Money Tips: Secrets to Being More Productive

By Amy Lu on 26 February 2015 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the secrets to being more productive, creative Starbucks drinks for around $3, and money moves that no one should ever, ever make.

Top 5 Articles

5 Secrets for Becoming More Productive — Create positive habits that will help you accomplish your goals. [Dumb Little Man]

Bang For Your Buck: 7 Creative $3 Starbucks Concoctions — The strawberry blend lemonade —strawberry puree + lemonade + ice — is full of fruity goodness! [PopSugar Smart Living]

Five Money Moves No One Should Ever Make… Ever — Payday loans allow you to see your paycheck a little early, but the crazy fees and interest will cost you big time! [The Simple Dollar]

10 Easy Jobs Anyone Can Do to Earn Extra Money — If you like kids and have a few hours during the day or evening, start a side gig as a babysitter to local families. [Save The Bills]

How to Get Started With Composting — Composting begins with a few basic ingredients: brown materials, green materials, coffee grounds or loose tea leaves, plus crumbled egg shells and leftover produce. [Moms Need to Know]

Other Essential Reading

3 Tips to Build Your Wealth While the Economy Is Good — Right now, it's better to sell your home than to buy one, especially if you're single with no kids. [One Smart Dollar]

6 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget — If your appliances are just a bit scratched, you can apply a bit of appliance paint to make them look like new again. [The Allstate Blog]

Better Safe Than Sorry: 10 Ways to Guard Against Identity Theft — Be careful what you reveal on Facebook and other public forums. Identity thieves don't need much information to get to work! [The Money Principle]

7 Brutally Honest Reasons Why You'll Never Be Successful (and How to Fix It Right Now) — You'll never be successful if you're still looking for shortcuts or get-rich-quick schemes. Do it the right way, even if it takes longer and requires more work. [Pick The Brain]

Cleaning Schedule for SAHMs — First, time your chores so you know how long each task takes to complete, then create a weekly cleaning schedule to spread out the labor. [Parenting Squad]

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