Best Money Tips: Secrets to Paying for College

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on secrets to paying for college, working from home do's and don'ts, and savings for every day of the week.

Top 5 Articles

Secrets to paying for college — Cut tuition costs by graduating in under four years. [CNNMoney]

Working From Home Do's and Don'ts — When working from home, use social media to network, NOT to watch videos. [Budgeting In The Fun Stuff]

Savings Guide For Every Day Of The Week — Use your Sunday to shop and prepare for the week. [SavvySugar]

Becoming Wealthy May Be Simple, But It's Not Easy — Becoming weathy takes discipline, patience, and persistence. [Free Money Finance]

22 Ways to Motivate Yourself Today — Get yourself motivated by taking time to stop and smell the roses. [Savings Scoop]

Other Essential Reading

Smart Ways to Manage Your Tax Refund — Figure out your financial priorities then divvy up your tax refund accordingly. [Financial Highway]

10 Facts You Need to Know About Mortgage Debt Forgiveness — Did you know the IRS views debt cancelation as taxable income? [FiGuide]

Five Terrible Impulse Purchases — Don't make the mistake of purchasing things while standing in line at the checkout stand. [I've Paid For This Twice Already...]

DIY Basics: Replacing a Shower Head — To replace a shower head you need three things: a new shower head, an adjustable wrench, and teflon tape. [Apartment Therapy]

6 Things to Do Right Now to Be a Prepared Parent for Emergencies — Be prepared for emergencies by having an emergency preparedness kit and an evacuation plan. [Parenting Squad]

News & Events

Get Rich Slowly #moolah Tweetchat — Don't miss Get Rich Slowly's #moolah tweetchat! This week they will be talking about making sure the Easter Bunny doesn't break your bank!

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